Saturday, February 18

Saturdays Image Write #3

Welcome to Saturdays Image Write #3

Today we have 2 images to write about. You can write about both if you have the time. You can use these images on your blog with your work.

Instructions for the write are on the sidebar. Invite your friends to write. May the muse be with you!

Image Write #3, 2/18/17

Artist: Sylar 113 Art on Deviant Art.

Artist: Unkown, this image was used for quote of the day.

The images I use are for internet sharing and use if there is a copyright I won't use it. I've been sharing images online for years and know what I'm doing so you don't have to worry.

I included the groups I actively write with under Poets Wanted on the sidebar. Drop in and write with us if you don't already.

If you have a suggestion for an image prompt use the form to Contact Me about it. Sorry for being late today.

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